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Management organization

The management organization of Altera Vastgoed comprises 30 FTEs and is compact, flexible and effective. The costs are assigned to the sector portfolios without any profit allowance. The organizational structure is clearly and logically defined in line with the main activities while at the same time taking into account the need for “checks and balances” and plural decision-making. The organization has all the relevant disciplines needed to operate completely self-sufficiently and independently. The employees have generally had previous experience in various types of organizations in the property sector, including large investment funds, professional property managers and project developers. The use of proven systems and processes ensures a high degree of efficiency.

The main activities of the management organization are:

  • general management of the company and its activities;
  • client servicing and marketing;
  • research;
  • portfolio and asset management and disposal of property;
  • acquisition of property;
  • risk management;
  • financial administration and control.

The daily property management activities for the sector portfolios - including technical, administrative and some of the commercial management activities - are not a core activity and are therefore outsourced to external property managers. This ensures that the organization remains flexible in terms of the quality, performance and special expertise needed to directly supervise and guide the property assets.


Altera invests on the basis of a research driven strategy with associated portfolio characteristics. The medium- to long-term policy frameworks and the annual investment plans are, in large part, based on internal research into relevant general developments, the investment markets, and the underlying fundamentals of the property and leasing markets. The operational portfolio activities are also based in part on internal market analyses. Research activities also provide an objective, in-house evaluation tool for buying and selling properties. In addition to general market analyses, extensive research is carried out on the rental levels that can be supported by the market and vacancy related risks.

Organization structure (between brackets number of employees):